Rundown of top motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots are one of the most important pieces of gear you can wear when riding your motorcycle, dirt bike or street bike. Second only to your motorcycle helmet, a good pair of motorcycle boots will completely cover your shins and guard your toes, heel, ankle, calf and shin while riding. The motorcycle industry is constantly coming out with new technological developments, so read on to learn about the top motorcycle boots currently on the market. The Alpine stars new 2010 Tech 10 boots feature a cutting edge external structure with a low profile design that was developed to reduce weight at the lower section of the boot. The upper part was designed to allow for optimal flexibility and superior grip against your bike. Torsion bars inside these Alpine stars control leg and ankle rotation, but still allow a wide range of movement.

motorcycle boots

The inner bootie includes shock absorbing padding on the ankles and heel with an extremely thin and bendable forefoot area for better feeling of bike controls. The biomechanical bootie is perforated to allow your foot to breathe, and is washable and replaceable. One of the newest technological advances is the new, exclusive dual compound sole that provides the highest level of durability, structural rigidity, grip, feel and built-in support. These Alpine stars also feature a poly-fabric lining with open-cell foam for increased breathability while riding. The Alpine stars Tech 10s are durable and tough, yet lightweight. The Tech 10’s three buckle system features a self-aligning design for quick, easy and accurate closure, and they work in conjunction with the internal structure to provide added support and flexibility. Apart from their technical aspects, these boots are very comfortable and stand out from the crowd. They come in six different colors/designs and just look really cool.

The Genre SG-12s feature an all new rubber Grip Guard on the side that provides heat-resistant protection for your legs while still allowing for better grip of your bike. The buckle system features four lightweight alloy buckles that all attach to an adjustable strap for an easy in and out system. The SG-12s also feature Genre’s revolutionary new dual stage pivot system that is exclusive to the Genre brand. With the dual stage pivot system, the first pivot is attached to the razorback of the boot, which provides strong lateral support. The motorcycle boots allow your foot to feel natural while shifting or breaking, but will absorb shock if you over-jump a jump. The Genre SG-12s also include a new thermoplastic shin plate that can be made wider to fit bigger legs or knee braces. The heel and toe caps have also been redesigned and reinforced to provide a tougher look and absorb more shock.